Friday, August 31, 2012

Hello, Blog World!

Hello, blog world!  I'm so excited to be starting this journey - thank you for stopping by to check it out!  First, I must say an enormous THANK YOU to Christi at Design by Christi for creating my beautiful custom blog.  She was so great to work with!! 
I am starting this blog with a few goals in mind.  First, I have been SO inspired by Pinterest,Teachers Pay Teachers, and the many, many incredible teacher blogs I’ve stumbled upon.   I have used so many super ideas from thesesites that I can’t believe just a year ago I knew nothing of them!  I love that the members of our profession areso passionate and willing to share their awesomeness!  You have all made me a better teacher!  So, one goal of my blog is to share myteaching life and classroom creations with you.  I started making my own products on TpT this summer, and I really enjoy it.   (Afterall, it’s all about cute, creative, organized things – what teacher doesn’tlove that??) 

My other hope for this blog is that it allows me to journal mytime with each class of kiddos.   I’m only beginning my third year, and alreadythe first two are blending together…Sheesh!  I want to be able to remember these kids, thesefamilies, these experiences, these lessons, everything!  So,this blog is in part for me.

Although I’m still fairly new to all this, I hope I can makeyour stop here worthwhile in some way!  Thankyou all so much for inspiring me! J

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