Sunday, February 10, 2013

100th Day Celebration!

Wednesday was our 100th day of school, and our celebration went so well!!  Of course, we’ve been counting toward this since day one, so the kids were beyond pumped!  I always love these themed celebration days as well.  Although they're crazy exhausting, it's nice to have a break from the daily routine and curriculum., and it's so fun to see the kids make these special memories.  Days like this are one reason I'm so happy to be teaching first!  

We spent the morning with all three first grade classes combined for activities.  We sang out 100th day song:

This song (and a few other 100th day poems) come from my winter poetry set.

We counted to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s.  We read a few of our favorite 100th day stories.  We did 100 seconds of exercises such as jumping jacks, toe touches, and karate kicks (great for getting rid of some of that excited energy!).  And - the teachers' favorite part of the day - we were all quiet for 100 seconds.  It's amazing how much the kids enjoyed that; they asked to do it again!  And we of course agreed, lol.  We also did a few fun writing prompts, including "If I had $100...." I'm looking forward to putting those pages together into a class book.  It's hilarious to read what they hope to buy with $100!

 Here are a few photos of our special day...
Our breakfast treat!
Estimation Activity - the kids looked at the different objects (cotton balls, blocks, bottle caps, etc) in each bag and estimated which bag had 100 items.  Five or six kids guessed correctly!
Their craft - 100 year old portraits and bucket lists - turned out super cute!

One special activity we always do is let off 100th day balloons.  Each class gets one balloon with an attached tag which says that our class is celebrating 100 days, gives our school address, and asks whoever finds the balloon to write us a short note!  Although it doesn't always happen, there have been years we have received mail!  The kids just love this!
Seeing our balloons off!

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