Saturday, January 5, 2013

(Belated) Holiday Cheer!

Okay so the post below is bit old.  I wrote it over a week ago and then ran into some glitches with uploading photos! :(  It was too special not to share though, so I hope you enjoy my belated holiday cheer! 


It’s the day after Christmas, and I’m not only totally snowed in, but also totally sick.  The husband and I both came down with strep throat a few weeks ago, and we just haven’t been able to kick all the germs.  I’m thankful for the time to lay on the couch, but anxious when I think about the Christmas mess that needs cleaning and all those to-do items I save for school breaks.  

Anyway, let’s back up to Christmas.  I ADORE this time of year.  I am one of those people who gets simply giddy over Christmas.  I’m like a child.  I love everything about it – the get-togethers with family and friends, the decorations, the music, the sweets (hehe), the gift-giving (and yes, okay, the gift-getting).  And most of all, I love the holiday spirit that surrounds us.   

My school is very traditional in that we celebrate Christmas completely, from Santa and gifts to the Christmas story. I teach about other holidays around the world, but our focus is on Christmas, and I love that. (Disclaimer - I do not have any students who celebrate other holidays in my class. If I did, our focus would change a bit.) So, here are some pictures of my December, at school and at home. Merry Christmas all!

Our little classroom Christmas tree!  The kids are each allowed to bring an ornament from home to add to the tree.  They were in awe of it all month long!
The kids' elves turned out SO cute!
Another hallway display.  I just love this template for a letter to Santa! (Found this on Pinterest, taken from the lovely blog Home by Heidi.)

Our Holiday party.  We had SO many parents attend! It turned out super!
1st graders performing at Breakfast with Santa!
My niece Aliyah and I!  She came to Breakfast with Santa at school.  Isn't she just precious?!

Some of our 1st and 2nd graders, getting ready to perform their Holiday Concert!  Their fancy little clothes were the BEST. :)
The hubby and I on Christmas Eve.  We have a tradition of buying each other a new set of PJs, the dorkiest ones we can find!  I'm modeling Eeyore, and him Super Mario.
Christmas morning at the Livengoods'!
Christmas card pic! Zoey did so well! Thanks to my bff Karen for being the photographer. :)  Happy Holidays!

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