Friday, November 2, 2012

Dear Diary, Ch. 2

Positive thoughts this week…
Monday:  We have such a super guidance counselor!  She’s been coming into the first grade classrooms to do whole-group lessons on bullying, and I just love how she interacts and connects with the kids.  They really take her lessons seriously.
Tuesday:  We were home from school today – our first (ever, I think) Hurricane Day.  So, I was unable to find something positive in my classroom, but I was thankful that my friends and family were unharmed by Sandy. 
Wednesday : My kids take Daily 5 super seriously.  Today was Halloween, so I planned some fun thematic activities in place of our usual Daily 5 rounds and reading groups, and they were bummed!  I’m totally okay with that.  Love their enthusiasm for reading and writing!
Thursday:  I just love, love, LOVE seeing these kids write and draw books modeled after Mo Willems (our October author).  I can’t tell ya how many pigeons I’ve found doodled on homework, classwork, tests….but it’s awesome!  Today Z* wrote her own pigeon story: The Pigeon Finds a Girlfriend.  Complete with illustrated girl pigeon with curly hair and batting eyelashes. 
Friday: Here’s an actual conversation with A* today:
Her: “Mrs. Livengood, I already know what I want for Christmas!”
Me (jokingly sighing and shaking my head): “Already?? Oh man…what is it?”
Her: “YOU!” 
Me: “What do you mean? You already have me!” 
Her: “I want you in my life FOREVER!”
Oh my…..I love this child.  I love all of these children.

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