Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful Thoughts (A Freebie and Dear Diary, Ch. 3)

I've gotta say it: Can you believe Thanksgiving is NEXTWEEK??! Just 8 days away?!  Where have this month and year gone!?

I’m sharing another Thanksgiving freebie: a simple yet meaningful mini-book called My Thankful Thoughts.  I like this book because the kids can personalize it in ways that connect to their lives.  For example, instead of being thankful for the house they live in, they could thankful for the apartment or trailer instead, if that’s what their family has.  Instead of being thankful for the turkey that they eat – because their family might not have turkey – they can write about whatever it is they do eat.

Click the picture below to download My Thankful Thoughts for free!  And, you’ll like this part:  the book is teacher friendly.  Just run it through the copy machine with staples and cut apart.  No assembly required.  I hope you love it!

Speaking of Thanksgiving… I am behind on my Dear Diary entries, which I feel super guilty about considering this is the time to be THANKFUL.  I see many Facebook friends posting their daily thankful thoughts, which is what Dear Diary is all about.  It’s about finding the good and positive in my classroom and career each day.  About being thankful, always.  Because let’s be honest – this career can be absolutely, overwhelmingly demanding at times (I wonder how you amazing teachers with kids of your own do it! Just the thought makes me want to sleep!).  But, this career is also, at times, one of the most rewarding ones that I can imagine.  So, I’m thankful everyday for my classroom, my colleagues, and my students.  Now onto last week’s entry…

Monday: Staff night out is amazing therapy.  We went out for Mexican tonight, and I just love my co-workers.  They are so supportive, so kind, so wonderful.  

Tuesday: We did a voting activity day, for election day, and my little firsties were so serious and grown-up as they “voted.”  They were totally into it and wanted to know more.  Love them.

Wednesday:  My kiddos struggling with math facts are finally starting to move from immediately raising their hands for help to actually trying strategies out on their own.  Now, the answers aren’t always correct, but I’m seeing them use those number lines, and that’s progress!!

Thursday: Round 1 of parent-teacher conferences was tonight, and I had 100% of them show!  Yahoo!  Usually, I have a few no-shows, and while the extra downtime time is nice when that happens (admit it, you feel the same), it’s so much nicer to see that all these parents considered our conference a priority.  Loved getting to talk to every one of them. J

Friday: We’ve had a lot of absent kiddos – so many germs being spread around!  The ones at school have really seemed concerned about their sick friends.  They keep reminding me of what I’ll need to do that catch them up and to save extra copies of things for them, lol.

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