Sunday, November 11, 2012

Giving Thanks for Family....a Freebie!

OHMY, I’ve been so beyond busy.  Isn’t this time of year just insane wonderful?! Halloween has passed, parent-teacher conferences are half done, I’m planning for Thanksgiving and seeing loads of Christmas activities popping up on TpT too!  Hubby and I have been busy celebrating our 2nd anniversary and family birthdays, and we’ve been remodeling the house weekend after weekend.  We’re also training for our last races of the season (Turkey Trot, hooray!) One thing after another, and blogging has taken a backseat.  I can hardly keep up with sifting through everyone’s awesome updates, let alone create products myself.  Phew!

I did manage to put together this freebie tonight as I enjoyed an extra-large pumpkin pie smoothie (the calories are acceptable if it’s my whole entire dinner, right?)  This year, on the last day of school before Thanksgiving, we are having our first ever Family Breakfast.  This all came about because I have a great field student from our local university who recently taught the class about timelines and then helped the kids make timelines of their lives.  She needed a way to involve the families in sharing them.  So, the Family Breakfast idea was born.  That morning, as they eat together, the students and their family members will complete these pages, which we’ll turn into a class book.  Then, everyone will get a chance to share their timeline.  I think it’ll be a very special event with a perfect connection to Thanksgiving.  I hope you can use these pages in some way too!  Click the picture below to download your copy.

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