Saturday, October 13, 2012

Google Drive...Amazing!

My husband introduced me to the greatest thing this week – GOOGLE DRIVE!   Am I late to this party?  Do you guys already know about this??  If so, sorry!  If not, you should absolutely check it out.  We teachers love organization, and this just makes my heart (and brain) so happy! 

Google Drive is similar to Dropbox.  I created a Dropbox account months ago, and all my personal life things are stored there – photos, wedding day documents that I can’t part with, etc.  This type of storage is amazing because if you sign up for an account, you can access your files anywhere.   However, I quickly filled the space that Dropbox offers for free, and I was hesitant to pay for more storage space.   That, and for some odd reason, Dropbox is restricted from being accessed at school!

Basically, Google Drive was exactly what I was looking for.  Lots of storage space, for free, able to be accessed anywhere, even school!  No more carrying my USB drive back and forth from school to home (and fearing that I’d lose it and my entire professional life in the process)!  No more trying to keep home desktop folders and school desktop folders synced.   Everything is saved to Google Drive folders, in one easy, neat place!  I’ve also decided that I like having my personal and professional files in separate spaces.   It really helps me organize the many, many, MANY awesome things I have acquired from TpT and blog friends! 
You can create your own Google Drive account here. 

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