Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Reading Lesson.

A colleague posted this comic in our teacher workroom this week, and I laughed out loud, but seriously, is it not SO fitting to what we deal with when teaching reading?  Especially in the youngest grades?  We teach letter sounds and spelling patterns until we’re blue in the face... and then we have this??  And who can blame the little ones... after all, they’re using what we taught them!  Sometimes I think about our language and all its crazy random rules of spelling, and I wonder how in the WORLD any of us ever learn to read! :P

Of course, we do learn to read, at one point or another, eventually.  Guided reading is when much of that magic happens, so I am always on the lookout for ways to make my GR lessons more effective and my GR routine more efficient!  Therefore, I put together this packet of Guided Reading Tools for Teachers.  It includes…

·         A Guided Reading 2012 – 2013 binder cover, in 3 different styles
·         a schedule template for tracking when groups meet
·         a reading/writing conference template for tracking when you meet with individual students
·         a Literacy Data record sheet for recording students’ scores/information in one place
·         a Guided Reading lesson planning page
·         signs to use for labeling group bins or folders with color names for up to 6 groups

These tools have really helped me get Guided Reading up and running in my classroom!  To get your set, click on the picture below.  Happy reading! J

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